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Painting Constructions 2008-2010

Select Paintings and Painting Constructions 2001-2007

The Fall of 08 (some earlier photoconstructions and pinhole photographs

101 Park, 1986, 19x23" contact silverprint

Rip, 1986, 23x19", contact silverprint

River God, 1989, contact silverprints on museumboard/vinyl construction, 22x25x18"

Lite Parking, 1990, 20x20x16" pinhole contact silverprints on museum board/vinyl construction 

Vista Hotel, 1991-2006(solarized), 19x13"

NYSE Streaming, 2002, variable digital (11x20" print)
Breeder Crossing, 2006, 21x30x16", archival inkjet prints and charcoal on paper and museum board construction

Contact Information, Bio and Artist's Statement

Please contact P C Smith at

212 254-8246

123 Rivington St #11

New York, NY 10002

Artist's Statement
I would like to create a credible post-realist syntax of complex visual construction. My late impressionism is meant sincerely, and is not a sly postmodernist joke. Often I collage Guatemalan jaspe-type woven textiles as a dynamic visual ground, to paint against, influenced by their rhythmic use of complementary colors (which recall for me the afterimages of bright sunlight). I try to make more human-shaped two-eyed visual fields in photographic as well as painting constructions. Using intersecting, curving picture planes allows a wider field of vision, with portions doubled in uncanny, changed correspondence. The central seam of these two-sided constructions makes the end of the image a central focal area. Even in unconstructed works, I have reacted against the rectangularity and seamless idealism of classical representation. First pinhole photography and more recently digital photography and the computer have helped develop my sense of multiplicity and time's passage, and I makes my use of Photoshop transparently evident as a Constructivist language. I'm attracted to a tolerance for complexity in multiple levels of awareness--even at the cost of reproductability. I don't try to reach a documentary authority of understanding of anything like "the dictatorship of the automobile", or "The Fall of 08" (as in the rise and fall, of moods, seasons, the financial markets, world trade centers) but I do perhaps catch a personal angle on widespread social fears.


2006 Out Looking In, In Looking Out, The Painting Center, NYC (catalog)

2005 NYC, DFN Gallery, New York

2001 Undo, Scott Pfaffman, New York, curated Stefan Eins

1997 SAHMAT: A Gift for India, Rhabindra Bhavan, New Delhi & Gallery Chemould, Mumbai


1995 The Dualist, (solo), National Centre for Photography, Mumbai

The $800. Painting Show, G. W. Einstein, New York

1994 Truth Be Told, Lennon, Weinberg, New York

Galleria Sol del Rio, Guatemala City; Galleria Nan Cuz, Panajachel; and Galleria

La Fuente, Antigua, Guatemala

1990 The Decade Show (as Group Material), The New Museum, Studio Museum of Harlem, and

the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, New York, and traveling

Winter Salon, Repire Gallery, New York, curated Bill Stelling

Galleria Nan Cuz, Panajachel, Guatemala

1989 89 in '89, G.W. Einstein, New York

20th Century Photographs, U. of S. Maine Art Gallery, Gorham, ME

1988 Committed to Print (as Group Material), Museum of Modern Art, New York, and traveling


The World Is Round, Hudson River Museum and traveling, (catalog)

Photography on the Edge, Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee WI (catalog)

Personal Expressions in Drawing, Allport, San Francisco

1987 Urban Landscapes (solo), Greathouse, New York

In Black and White (4 artist), Carnegie Institute Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA (catalog),

curated John Caldwell

Struction, Walker Art Museum, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME

UFO, Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York, curated Sur Rodney Sur (catalog)

Self-Portraits, G.W. Einstein, New York

Poetics of Space, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

Eternal Interest, Zolla-Lieberman, Chicago, IL

Art Against AIDS, Greathouse & 60 New York Galleries (catalog)

1986 Bodily Fluid (solo), Greathouse, New York

Brave New World, New Generation, Museum of Modern Art, Lund, Sweden, (catalog),

curated Tom Solomon

Abstraction: Figure to Form, Greathouse, New York

Salute to Liberty, Nippon Club, New York

Oppression/Expression, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, curated Lowery Sims

and Leon Golub (catalog)

MASS (as Group Material), The New Museum, New York and traveling

1985 Struction (solo), Greathouse, New York

Brave New World, New Generation, Charlottesberg Exhibition Hall, Denmark

The Big Car Show, Herron Gallery, Center for Contemporary Art, Indianapolis, IN (catalog)

Space and All the Comforts of Home, Kamikaze, New York

ABC NO RIO:The First Five Years, City Gallery, New York

Salon Invitational, Prince St Gallery, New York

The East Village Show, The Palladium, New York, curated Henry Geldzahler

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture, pt 2, Greathouse, New York

1984 Neo-York, University Art Museum, U.C. Santa Barbara (catalog)

Selections XXV, The Drawing Center, New York

Romanticism Rediscovered, New Math, New York

Call & Response, Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, ME, curated Lucy Lippard

Artists Call Against US Intervention in Central America, ABC No Rio, New York

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture, pt 1, Greathouse, New York

Summer Salon, Oggi Domani, New York

1983 In Central America (solo), ABC No Rio, New York

Subculture (as Group Material), Taller LatinoAmerica & New York subway spaces

Demonstration (for Michael Stewart), Pyramid Club, New York

1982 The Figure, Suzanne Gross, Philadelphia, PA

Drawing: New Directions, Summit Art Center, Summit, NJ

Commando, La Galleria del Ochio, New York

1981 Four Artists, Nardin, New York

Windows, Bergdorf Goodman, New York

1980 Three Artists, Thornes Marketplace, Northampton, MA

The Xerox Show, Club 57, New York, curated Keith Haring

1976 VideoArt, Walker Art Museum, Brunswick, ME

1975 Maine '75, Walker Art Museum, Brunswick, ME


1986-Present Reviewer, ART IN AMERICA magazine

1995 & 19992 Visiting Artist Lectures for the United States Information Service, India,

at National Center for Photography, Mumbai; M.S. University, Baroda;

and U.S. Consulate, New Delhi

1990-91 Adjunct Lecturer, Queens College, CUNY, New York: Basic Design & Drawing

1984-85 Exhibitions Director, ABC No Rio (an alternative space), New York

1982-84 Reviewer, ARTS magazine

1980-83 Instructor, New Jersey Center for the Arts, Summit, NJ: Drawing, Figure Drawing,

Landscape Painting,

1981-82 Instructor, Newark School of Art, Newark NJ: 4 sections, 2 semester course in

the History of Art for Studio Artists

1981 Adjuct Lecturer, Brooklyn College, CUNY, New York: Basic Design & Drawing

1978-79 Boys Club of New York: Video Workshop

1976-77 Instructor, Hartley House, New York: Art for Children


2005 Joan Mitchell Foundation Painters and Sculptors Grant

1995 Artist in Residence, Cummington Center for the Arts, Cummington MA

1991 Indo-American Fullbright Fellowship, Indo-US Subcommission on Education & Culture

in affiliation with the National Gallery, New Delhi

1986 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

1982 Governors' Fellowship, Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture


1982 Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME

1979 MFA, Brooklyn College, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY

1975 BA summa cum laude, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME


Carnegie Institute Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA

The New York Stock Exchange, New York

The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA

Walker Art Museum, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME

Associated Merchandising Corporation, New York


46 reviews in ART IN AMERICA, November 1986-February 0

The Colors of India: Raghubir Singh, ART IN AMERICA, March 2000

Complex Vision, ART IN AMERICA, March 1993 (on Barbara Ess, Hope Sandrow, John

Schlesinger and Michael Spano)

Nine Songs in Manhattan, THE ECONOMIST, August 5, 1989 (on Tan Dun)

7 full page reviews in ARTS, February 1982-November 1984

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PhotoConstructions 2011

Spitzer's Corner (maquette)

Spitzers Corner (center)

An Choi (maquette)

An Choi (center)

PhotoConstructions 2007-2010

Beat Fuse (maquette) 2007  

 Beat Fuse (center)

Broadway-Broome Intersection (maquette), 

Broadway-Broome Intersection (center) 
Credible Hulk (maquette) 2008

Credible Hulk (center)

Gucci Sidewalk (maquette) 2008

Gucci Sidewalk (center)

Parent Garden (maquette) 2009 

 Parent Garden (center) 

Rivington-Essex Intersection (maquette) 2009  

Rivington-Essex Intersection (center) 

Broker Break (maquette) 2010  

Broker Break (center)     

Bike Lane Siesta (maquette) 2010

 Bike Lane Siesta (center)

Seventh Seal (maquette) 2010

Seventh Seal (center)